Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

“Magic Spells” by TOMBST0NE is Now on Sale for 5 Days!!! At the AMAZING price of €9/$12/£7.5 @http://teevolt.com


“Magic Spells” by TOMBST0NE is Now on Sale for 5 Days!!! At the AMAZING price of €9/$12/£7.5 @http://teevolt.com

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Our sister-school, h-ogw4rts, has been gracious enough to let us take part in some of their fun! Diagon Alley holds all your school supplies plus all kinds of fun things, all you need is a banking account to buy it all! Also, Hogsmeade coming soon!


It has been brought to our attention that there is another group of potterheads out there running a school a bit like ours. They run their term starting in September, which is right when our term will end, so it would be perfect for those of you who want to continue your schooling experience into the Fall. Their school seems to be put together very well, and I think you would all quite enjoy becoming a part of their group as well as ours. It would be great for expanding your knowledge in the classrooms, as well as meeting many new students who are, like you, obsessed with Harry Potter. Click here to go to their blog.

Some of their students will be joining us shortly, so welcome them into our school like they are your family.

If you are interested in becoming a Prefect, Head Boy, or Head Girl, I suggest you check out your House’s common room!

Anonymous said: hey, why don't you promote the chat rooms in the common rooms or class rooms and show people how to join them, they're EMPTY ;o

We have promoted the chat rooms. It’s mostly a challenge against all of the different time zones that students are in, because not everyone is on at the same time.

Anonymous said: how much do you have to pay to join?

You don’t.

Anonymous said: When are you next going to accept applications? I'm so sad that I missed them

The next time that we will have applications open will be May 2013. We held applications open considerably  longer than we should have this year to allow everyone a chance to apply, although we know that someone will always miss the deadline. We apologize, and hope to see you around next year!

Anonymous said: I don't get it where I can sign up to my classes. Sorry :/

You should have already signed up when you registered for the school. If you registered before now, you are already in the classes and should just follow their blogs as to complete lessons, projects, etc.

If your classes have not yet begun, then they officially do today!

Make sure you have followed all of the courses you signed up for!

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